About Company

The company “National Electric Bd Ltd” was established on 2nd April 2015 with the aim to meet demand of electricity of Bangladesh by partnering with Government and collaborate with foreign power plant manufacturers to make the power generation process easy by providing high-quality electrical equipment and consulting. We have a long-time experience to work in power sector; especially generation, transmission and distribution fields with Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB), Dhaka Power Distribution Company Ltd. (DPDC), Dhaka Electric Supply Company Ltd. (DESCO), Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB), West Zone Power Distribution Company Ltd. (WZPDCO) and Northern Electricity Supply Company Ltd. (NESCO).

The equipment supplied by our company is in demand in almost all branches of industry (electric power industry, construction, housing and communal services, oil and gas processing industry, machine building), which allows solving the problems of supply and distribution of electricity of any complexity at a high technical level with minimal costs.

We always appreciate the renewable energy sources. As shortage of natural gas, which is the fuels about 70 percent of Bangladesh’s power. It is high time for Bangladesh to shift it energy sources to renewable energy sources. We eagerly work with Government of Bangladesh to ensure power to all of its citizens.